Resource Links

Staff E-Mail Login

Access your TPC emails here. Domain name and Passwords are required.


Electronic Documentation. Unique usernames, password and provider codes required.

Attendance on Demand

Time card system. Badge ID and Pin required to login.

CDS Link

Link to DirectCourse login page for training purposes. Login and password are required.

IT Request Form

Submissions notifications are made in two ways via website and TPC e-mail server. The IT manager will make every effort to respond via e-mail within 24 business hours. If contact is NOT made in 24 business hours please contact 743-8049 x 266 to follow up on the status of your IT Request. Any request that cannot be directly addressed by internal IT will be forwarded to Advanced Micro Systems for review. If a determination is made that AMS is needed an e-mail notification will be sent to the person’s sending the notification and their supervisor. Please complete the IT Request Form in the fields listed below.
  • *passwords, logins or pin codes are not to be shared on a computer servicing request form.
  • Please provide the full name and phone number of the person needing either a new e-mail or replace a missing password. E-mail password resets will be called at the number listed on the IT Request form, once. At that time a temporary password will be left via voicemail. If an employee provides a phone number with a voicemail that does not directly address their name (example: Hi you’ve reached Brian….) the employee will be asked to call 743-8049 x266 to receive the temporary password.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


To access your TPC e-mail you’ll need to input the unique login you were given during orientation. Here are some quick reminders: the domain name is the same format for all TPC employees: PROGRESSCENTER\firstinitalofyourfirstnameentirelastname

Example: PROGRESSCENTER\mward     or      PROGRESSCENTER\abarker    or PROGRESSCENTER\eross

The password requirements include at least one of the following: one uppercase, one lowercase letter, a number, a symbol and cannot contain any part of your first or last name. If you need a password reset please complete an IT Request Form. 

Mobile App:

  1. Go to Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Type: mobile ess
  3. Install/Download
  4. AOD server name: progresscentermaine
  5. Enter Pin and Badge number (provided by your supervisor)

For security purposes NEVER save passwords or pins

URL on Mobile Devices:

  1. Open Chrome and in the URL type:
  2. click on the three dots
  3. Click “Add to Home Screen”
  4. Label: Time System
  5. Tap the icon on your desktop
  6. Enter Pin and Badge number (provided by your supervisor)

For security purposes NEVER save passwords or pins


If you need additional support please contact your direct supervisor.

HIPAA Breach Notification