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What is Lives Unlimited?

We’ve reimagined our Community Supports program into three tracks: Empower, Envision, and Explore. Each track is designed to meet the specific needs of our participants: youth transitioning to adult services who want to explore their options; adults with life experience who have envisioned their future and are ready to make it a reality; and older adults who feel empowered to go out into the world and take advantage of all the fun Maine has to offer.


Is This the Right Fit for you?

Schedule a meeting with our Community Support Manager, Phil Niles. He’ll be happy to give you a tour and help you decided if The Progress Center is the right fit to meet your goals.

Phil Niles

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Integration in the community

Community Supports offers instruction and services that promote the practical and functional application, adaptation and integration of skills necessary for independent living and community inclusion. We work with adults to support community inclusion, personal development, and supports in areas of daily living.

The Progress Center provides such services with an enhanced focus on community volunteering, health and wellness, skill development and personal growth activities, as well as work readiness skills. Community Supports offers individuals four curriculum tracks to promote skill development in the following areas: Arts, Culinary, Outdoor Recreation and Community Involvement.

On any given day, the individuals we serve, along with our hardworking Direct Support Professionals, can be found practicing new cooking skills, working in our community garden plot, hiking a nearby trail, delivering Meals on Wheels or having a photography lesson.

explore. Empower. Envision.

The Explore program aims to help participants learn and practice the skills needed for independent living and gainful employment. The opportunities are endless, and our Explore program helps you take advantage of all that Maine has to offer. Participants in this program receive priority acceptance into our new Work Supports program.

The Empower program is designed to support participants in maintaining their health, independence, and social connections. This program caters to mature adults and seniors who prefer a slower pace. Participants will be part of small groups engaging in various community activities like nickel bingo, local museum and library events, chair yoga, and day trips to historical sites and gardens.

Envision– imagine as a future possibility; to imagine what a situation will be like in the future, especially a situation you intend to work towards. We offer learning, volunteering, physical activity, and community engagement opportunities that will help you make your future a reality. Participants design activities aligned with their PCP goals. Working closely with their DSP and program coordinator to design a quarterly schedule that reflects their choices and priorities.