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Welcome to Progress

We’ve reimagined our Community Supports program into three tracks: Empower, Envision, and Explore. Our experimental learning and services promote the skills necessary for independent living and community inclusion. Our Community Support team is committed to addressing the individualized needs of each one of our participants. Keep reading to learn more!


Our Empower track helps participants increase independence, develop advocacy skills, and gain life skills for independent living and paid employment. We support participants in creating personalized goals, choosing activities, and creating quarterly schedules. The program aims to help participants graduate with the skills needed for independent living and employment. Participants receive priority acceptance into our upcoming Work Supports program and Bethel Road Apartments in West Paris.


Our Envision track is a person-centered community support program that promotes continuous learning, inclusivity, collaboration, and independence. We aim to enhance participants’ well-being and enable them to live fulfilling lives within their community. We offer learning, volunteering, physical activity, and community engagement opportunities. Participants can create support and activity preferences aligned with their goals, working closely with their DSP and program coordinator to design a quarterly schedule that reflects their choices and priorities.




Our Explore track supports participants in maintaining their health, independence, and social connections. This program caters to mature adults and seniors who prefer a slower pace without the need for acquiring new skills. Participants will be a part of small groups engaging in various community activities, including community lunches, nickel bingo, local museum and library events, chair Zumba, chair yoga, bird watching, and day trips to historical sites and gardens.

Join us in fostering well-being, continuous learning, and maintaining health and social connections as we embark on this exciting journey together. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a supportive environment where our participants can thrive. Through our Lives Unlimited program, participants have the opportunity to enhance their overall well-being, engage in continuous learning experiences, and cultivate meaningful relationships within our local community. Take the first step towards providing a fulfilling and enriched life by contacting us today.

Questions? Contact Phil Niles, our Community Supports Manager, by tapping or clicking the Contact Us button!