Quality Care for Children in Maine

We Take the team approach

The Progress Center is committed to quality care for children in Maine. Together with loved ones and other providers we will work to address behavioral issues that interfere with the child’s ability to adequately function within the home and/or the community.

Our Services

The Progress Center contracts with the Children’s Behavioral Health Services to provide this service, which is defined in the MaineCare Manual section 28. Our team of Behavioral Health Professionals utilizes a number of evidence-based strategies to assist children and families in the course of their work.

 Areas of service includes:

  • Implementing positive behavioral support plans
  • Training in daily living skills
  • Skill building in the community to improve social functioning
  • Assisting families with approaches to crisis management
  • Assisting family members with crisis management
  • Facilitating consistency between home, school and community venues
  • Any other areas as determined by the child’s treatment plan

Phone Number:

207-743-8049 x403