“Thank You”

to our wonderful sponsors!

Without your support many of our needs would go unmet.

For information on how you or your business can become a sponsor of an event or The Progress Center, please contact Priscilla at 207-743-8049 or via email at [email protected]





























American Trail & Hiking               CMP                  Record Building Supply

Hobbs Lucky Lanes              Tangles               The Candle Place

Littlefields Greenhouse                Pizza Hut               McDonald’s

        Hilltop Pool & Spa              Boomer’s               Diamond Cut Jewelers

Perfect Stitch Embroidery                   Dr. Rob’s                  Shiny Baubles

                  Wal-Mart                  Grassroots Graphics                     Colby’s Arctic Cat

Rising Sun Cafe & Bakery                   Curves            Sideline Variety

Summit Springs               Tuscany Hall               Smedberg’s Crystal Spring Farms

 McLaughlin Foundation                    Bolster’s Decorating, Inc.

          Neil Lamb & David Lawlor, Jazz Guitar

Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Androscoggin Learning & Transition Center

Chandler Funeral Home & Cremation Service

Katey Coffin

Phin Enterprises

Erin Bryant

Robert & Sandra Bahre

David Stowell

William Wentworth

“The Progress Center is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”