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Targeted Case Management provides case management to children and adolescents (birth to 20 years) with emotional disturbances, behavioral disorders, mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities.  The Progress Center contracts with the Department of Children’s Behavioral Health Services to provide this service, which is defined in the MaineCare Manual section 13. Services include but are not limited to: developing and maintaining a comprehensive service plan, information, referral, support, advocacy coordination of services.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote independence and freedom of choice for the individuals we serve. Our core beliefs include that each person with a disability has a desire for a rich and varied life, including a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension. We also believe each person grows through their life experience and has the right to make his/her own life choices, including those that may involve risk. We support each person to discover their own dream for a meaningful life.


Our Team 

Our team consists of a group of highly qualified and well trained individuals. At minimum, our CCM staff must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four (4) year institution of higher learning with a specialization in psychology, mental health and human services, behavioral health, behavioral sciences, social work, human development, special education, counseling, rehabilitation, sociology, nursing or closely related field is minimally required. Additionally, our CCM’s are supported to attend Bi-Weekly supervision sessions as well as team meetings monthly. We are proud to announce that all of our Case Managers are currently in the process of earning their LSW.

Meet the Children’s Case Management Team

Kristen Charest, Children’s Case Manager

Kristen joined The Progress Center in 2016 as a Children’s Targeted Case Manager.  She received her BSW from The University of Southern Maine and is currently working on pursuing her Master’s degree and her license in social work. Kristen began her career in children’s services as Program Coordinator for the Pequawket Kids Association before transitioning to a DSP II in residential treatment for 5-14 year olds. Kristen also manages an independent mentor program for MSAD 72 and volunteers for children’s empowerment groups such as Girls On The Run and Hardy Girls Hardy Women.

Contact Information: 207-890-2679, kristencharest@progresscentermaine.org

Nancy Francis, Children’s Case Manager

Nancy joined The Progress Center in April of 2016 working as a Targeted Children’s Case Manager. She has also begun providing some adult case management services as well to help her clients who are  transitioning on to adulthood.  Nancy has worked in the social service field since 2003 working in a variety of positions such as a direct service professional in a residential group home setting, job coaching adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries and has worked now as a targeted children’s case manager for the past 9 years.  Nancy graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 2007.  She enjoys working collaboratively with clients and their families to help them grow to become more independent and self-sufficient and looks forward to being able to continue to do so with The Progress Center.

Contact Information: 207-461-1197, nancyfrancis@progresscentermaine.org

Greg Stacy, Children’s Case Manager

Greg Stacy started working for the Progress Center March 21, 2016.  Greg began working with adolescents and families in 2007 as a BHP (Behavioral Health Professional), heavily promoting growth and development for each individual being served.  Greg continued doing this type of work during his Graduate Studies at UMO, which focused succinctly on Clinical Counselor Education.  Once out of school, Greg continued doing more BHP work throughout Southern Maine, then spent 4 years working in a Group Home for troubled adolescents.

Contact Information: 207-890-9423, gregstacy@progresscentermaine.org

Kelly Bean, Children’s Case Manager

Kelly Bean joined the Progress Center in February of 2017.  She earned a Bachelors Degree in Mental Health and Human Services, with a Minor in Psychology and is MHRTC certified. Her previous experience has been in Case Management and crisis work.

Contact Information: 207-461-2319, kellybean@progresscentermaine.org

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Summary of the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services Who are Children in Need of Services

This is a summary of your rights as a recipient of community based services under the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services. You have a right to obtain a full copy of the rights from The Progress Center or from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child and Family Services Children’s Behavioral Health Services 11 SHS Augusta, Maine 04333-0011, Tel # (207) 624-7900, TTY #: 1-800-606-0215. If you are deaf or do not understand English, an interpreter will be made available to you so that you can understand your rights.

  1. Basic Rights: You have the same civil, human, and legal rights which all citizens have. You have a right to be treated with courtesy and full respect for you individuality and dignity.
  2. Confidentiality and Access to Records: You have the right to have your records kept confidential and only released with your full informed consent. You have the right to review your record at any reasonable time. You may add written comments to your record to clarify information you believe is inaccurate or incomplete. No one else can see your record unless you specifically authorize them to see it, except in instances described in the complete rights book.
  3. Individualized Treatment or Service Plan: You have the right to an individualized plan, developed by you and your worker, based upon your needs and goals. The plan must be in writing and you have the right to a copy. The plan needs to specifically detail what everyone will do, the time frames in which the tasks and goals will be accomplished and how success will be determined. The plan must be based upon your actual needs and, if a needed service is not available, detail how your need will be met.
  4. Informed Consent: No services or treatment can be provided to you against your will. If you have a guardian, he or she is authorized to make decisions without your consent. You have the right to be informed of the possible risks and anticipated benefits of all services and treatment, including medications, in a manner which you understand. If you have any questions, you may ask your worker or anyone else you choose before making decisions about treatment or services. If a guardian has been authorized to make decisions for you, the guardian has the right to be fully informed of all risks and benefits or proposed treatment or services.
  5. Assistance in the Protection of Rights: You have the right to appoint a representative of your choice to help you understand your rights, protect your rights or help you work out a treatment or service plan. If you wish a representative, you must designate this person in writing. You can have access to the representative at any time you wish and you can change or cancel the designation at any time.
  6. Freedom from Seclusion and Restraint. You cannot be secluded or restrained in the community setting.
  7. Right to File a Grievance. You have the right to bring a grievance to challenge any possible violation of your rights or any questionable practices. You have the right to have your grievance answered in writing, with reasons for the decisions. You may appeal any decision to the Office of Adult Mental Health Services. You may not be punished in any way for filing a grievance. You cannot be retaliated against for filing a grievance. For help with filing a grievance, contact the Grievance Coordinator, 11 State House Station-Marquardt Bldg. 2nd Floor, Augusta, Maine 04333, Tel #: 287-4249 or The Disability Rights Center of Maine, PO Box 2007, Augusta Maine 04338-2007. Tel # 1-800-452-1948.