Our Services

Community Case Management develops and oversees a comprehensive and individualized service plan with an emphasis on principles of empowerment, community inclusion, health and safety, and the use of natural supports. Our team provides case management to adults (18+) intellectual disabilities.  Services include but are not limited to; developing and maintaining a comprehensive service plan, referral, support, advocacy, and coordination of services. In addition our CCM’s provide top of the line Individual Service Plans outlining all of the support provided to the consumer in 90 day intervals.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote independence and freedom of choice for the individuals we serve. Our core beliefs include that each person with a disability has a desire for a rich and varied life, including a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension. We also believe each person grows through their life experience and has the right to make his/her own life choices, including those that may involve risk. We support each person to discover their own dream for a meaningful life.

Our Team 

Our team consists of a group of highly qualified and well trained individuals. At minimum, our CCM staff must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four (4) year institution of higher learning with a specialization in psychology, mental health and human services, behavioral health, behavioral sciences, social work, human development, special education, counseling, rehabilitation, sociology, nursing or closely related field is minimally required. Additionally, our CCM’s are supported to attend Bi-Weekly supervision sessions as well as team meetings monthly. We are proud to announce that all of our Case Managers are currently in the process of earning their LSW.

Meet the Team


Ashleigh Barker, Director of Community Case Management and Children’s Services

Ashleigh Barker, Director of Community Case Management and Children’s Services

Ashleigh has been part of The Progress Center team since 2008.  She received her BA from University of Southern Maine in Social and Behavioral Science. Ashleigh oversees the two case management teams and the children’s services program.  Ashleigh has experience in developing programs, implementing changes to improve programs and proving successful outcome.  She is a certified BHP trainer, pursuing her license in social work and what she likes most about her job is that it gives her the opportunity to learn and be creative and guide others to do the same.

Contact Information: 207-743-8049×226,  ashleighbarker@progresscentermaine.org


Sandi Tate, Community Case Manager

Sandi Tate, Case Manager

Sandi Tate joined The Progress Center case management team in 2014. Sandi comes to us with a strong background in crisis counseling. Sandi is a new “Mainer” of just 5 years who originated from Melrose, MA. Sandi has one adult son and 2 grandchildren. Sandi enjoys Maine and plans to stay because the people are down to earth and genuinely kind hearted folks.

Contact Information: 207-743-8049×229,  sanditate@progresscentermaine.org 


Hillary McAllister, Community Case Manager

Hillary McAllister, Community Case Manager

Hillary joined The Progress Center, Inc. in 2015. Hillary brings with her seven years of secondary teaching experience and experience working in children’s behavioral health. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Colby College, her Master of Science in Education from the University of New England, and recently completed her Master of Social Work from the University of New England. Hillary looks forward to continuing to work with clients and expanding her experience in the field.

Contact Information: 207-743-8049×220, hillarymcallister@progresscentermaine.org

Nicole Quirion, Case Manager

Contact Information: 207-461-2106,  nicolequirion@progresscentermaine.org

Karen St. Peter, Case Manager

Karen St. Peter joined the Progress Center community case management team in January, 2017.  Karen comes to us with a strong background as a licensed substance abuse counselor from Utah and a licensed social worker from Maine. She received her BA from St. Joseph’s College, North Windham, Maine and received her MHRT-II from the Muskie Institute of Maine to work as a case manager with people struggling with mental health symptoms. Karen grew up in the “County” with a French/American background and understands the value of integrity and truth.  She fully respects and enjoys working with people who are diverse and differently abled.

Contact Information: 207-890-0572, karenstpeter@progresscentermaine.org

Kevin Gott, Case Manager

Contact Information: 207-461-1616, kevingott@progresscentermaine.org