ore than 30 years ago The Progress Center first started under the auspices of the Southern Oxford County Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc. (SOCARC). Funding for the program at that time was a combination of local fund raising and grant in aid money from the Maine Bureau of Mental Retardation. Over the years the program continued to expand until SOCARC decided that the Progress Center should become its own corporation.

In 1980 The Progress Center Incorporated and today serves over 250 children, families and adults who experience disabilities in 49 communities in four counties in Maine. The work of the early families has been honored by dedicated staff and professionally delivered services. We fund our services through contracts with the state of Maine Department of Health and Human Services, annual fundraising events and grant writing. We are grateful to the generosity of our donors and supporters who help us to maintain high quality services for each person served.

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Our mission is to promote independence and freedom of choice for the individuals we serve.  Our core beliefs include that each person with a disability has a desire for a rich and varied life, including a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension. We also believe each person grows through their life experience and has the right to make his/her own life choices, including those that may involve risk. We support each person to discover their own dream for a meaningful life.

The mission of our Community Kitchen, Food Distribution and Feel Better Food Program is to provide nutritious meals that promote health, wellness, and healing for members of our community who are most in need.

The Progress Center, Inc., a non-profit, expanded in 2016 and officially opened a satellite office in Bridgton in June. The new location has brought with it a 36 year history in providing supports and services to adults, children and families experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Originating in Oxford Hills in the 1970’s, The Progress Center began in Norway with a goal of providing disabled adults with a variety of summer programming and a place to participate in social events.

The Progress Center is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Bridgton and the Lakes Region. The new location, at 300 Portland Road, will provide both adult and children’s case management as well as children’s in home support services.

 Meet Our Board of Directors

Our board is dedicated to supporting our participants’ independence and freedom of choice. They are compassionate and committed leaders vested in supporting our organization as we navigate our employees and consumers toward a better, brighter future.

Richard Clough (Secretary), Kathy Perkins (Vice-Chair), Tom White (Retired), Melissa Burgess, Brian Paradis, Bonnie Paradis (Treasurer), Ronald Raymond (Chairman), Dorothy Coffin, Pat Cook (Not Pictured).


Tom White at the Open House on July 14, 2016

Tom and Jennifer at Lee Auto 2016

Tom White and Executive Director, Jennifer Putnam

Tom White, Retired Board Member

The Progress Center would like to thank our supporter and past board member, Tom White, for dedication and support. Tom most recently served as our Treasurer and for many years has been an advocate for our agency and our participants.

Our Executive Director, Jennifer Putnam, met with Tom, who works for LeeCars Auburn, and was pleased to present him with a plaque thanking him for all that he has done. This plaque, shaped like the State of Maine, was handcrafted on site in our Tree Works woodshop.


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The Progress Center circa April 14, 1988

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 “The Progress Center is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”